NutritiopnNutrition – Joey Lowenstein and the JL Foundation have learned how much of an effect proper nutrition can have on the success of those with autism. The Foundation strives to find ways to bring a solution to the problem that so many autistic children have dealing with adequate nutrition for their needs. For example, gluten-free, casein-free (GFCF) diets can assist those with autism spectrum disorders with gastrointestinal and other challenges. Initiatives the Foundation is currently pursuing include:

  • Working with physicians and nutritionists to create a nutrition program or product line that helps the greatest number of individuals
  • Launching campaigns along with strategic partners to raise awareness about the importance of nutrition
  • Engaging in partnerships with online wellness websites to create an programs online that teaches families dealing with autism how to deal with nutrition every day.
  • Funding of organizations that already address these issues.

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