RPM – One of the critical components to helping those with autism cross the bridge to communicating their thoughts, ideas and goals is the Rapid Prompting Method (“RPM”) technique that invented by Soma Mukhopadhyay and related techniques that help with communication. The JL Foundation believes that making available these communication bridges to as many children as possible as early as possible (early intervention) will maximize the number of kids that get to truly enjoy a fulfilled life despite (or because of the gift of) autism.
JL Foundation will contribute funds allocated for RPM directly to organizations that specialize in teaching and expanding this critical learning methodology, including

  • Rebecca School RPM Training – NYC school that will begin to train teachers in March 2013 to use the RPM method founded by SOMA.
  • Provide financial assistance to other schools where RPM can be leveraged
  • Provide financial assistance where needed to help other children and teachers get similar training.

JL Foundation is actively seeking alliances and partnerships to help identify or create other opportunities to leverage RPM and similar methods that help with communication and funds allocated to RPM may be used to assist in that goal.

Donations to the JL Foundation can make a huge impact towards RPM learning. Here are some examples:

  • A $750 donation can send a teacher or parent for 4 days of RPM training (link to RPM page) in Austin TX with the foremost authority on the method, Soma Mukhopadhyay (does not include hotel, meals or airfare).
  • A $1,000 donation can pay for an autistic child or young adult to have 6 RPM lessons (link to RPM page) with a Senior RPM therapist.
  • An $1,800 fdonation can pay for an autistic child or young adult to have 4 RPM lessons with Soma.

This video explains what RPM is about:

“Finding ways to bridge the gap through techniques like RPM was recently featured in an HBO documentary, “A Mother’s Courage”

Click here to make a donation allocated to the JL Foundation’s focus on RPM

Read more about RPM and other learning methods for autism . . .

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