The Joey Lowenstein Foundation
ANSRS ™ : Nutrition

Joey finds that eating a nutritious, gluten-free and sugar-free diet to be beneficial. Joey eats a protein-heavy meal for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, he eats more vegetables and fruits, along with a salad after his meal. Joey’s meals are prepared with organic foods, pure olive oil, apple cider vinegar, etc. Water intake is also important in Joey’s diet, along with when to drink. For healthier digestion, Joey will wait to drink water roughly thirty minutes after completing a meal or not drink thirty minutes prior to a meal. While on this new nutritious diet, Joey’s moods have improved and so has his energy level.

Everything is intermixed when it comes to ANSRS™. Nutrition is an important part of ANSRS™. In other words, eating properly helps keep one healthy and energetic. By improving our energy, we can then build our strength and stamina for tasks such as exercise and other life goals.

“Loving life a little extra today.”

Joey enjoying a nutritious meal.