JL Foundation™ : Tip of the Week

On this page the Joey Lowenstein Family Foundation (JL Foundation™) will create a library of “Tip of the Week” content — tips and videos about exercise, spirituality, and nutrition while living with autism.  Joey’s hope is that through the Joey Lowenstein Family Foundation (JL Foundation™) and its focus on five areas — Athletics, Nutrition, Self-Development, Resolve, and Scientific Research, a combination we call ANSRS™ — he will be able to provide the many people who have autism with ideas, inspiration, and resources to find their own ANSRS™, so that they can fulfill their gifts and live their best lives.

Breath Work: Warrior Breath

To help regulate himself in stressful situations, Joey uses the Warrior Breath breathing technique to reduce stress and anxiety.

Breath work is a powerful tool to use as a resource. It can be used to aid with autism stress, sleep disorders, anger issues, road rage, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The Warrior Breath is a breathing technique that has a grounding element to it and can help you get back to center. It can move the brain from a “fight or flight” mindset, breaking the impulse and surge of adrenaline. Breathing in through the nose and powerfully out though the chest and nose, this breathing exercise is both energizing and calming; it can be a regulator system for the brain within under a minute.

Credit: Warrior Breath Set by Anjali Connors, PsyD

Upregulating Your Life

When making a decision for your life or health, ask yourself, is this the best decision I can make? Does it bring balance to my life? Does it help to upregulate my life?

Clarify and simplify your path forward. Complexity is the mother of procrastination for failure — when there is too much complexity with information it is really hard for people to settle in with what to do and how to do it.

Noun, physiology, biochemistry

  1. 1. the increase at the cellular level of the magnitude or rate of a physiological response or biochemical or process, especially of the expression of a gene.
  2. 2. the increase in the number or density of cell surface receptors for a physiologically active substance, causing an increase in sensitivity in response to persistent exposure.

“Eat to Live” or  “Live to Eat”

You can “eat to live” or you can “live to eat”. The quality of the food you ingest determines the integrity of the cells that it builds in your body.

Food is life. Food is fuel. Without nutrition everything dies. Eating to live involves treating food like it is fuel for the body. Often, the inverse “live to eat” approach signals that a disproportionate amount of pleasure becomes vested chiefly or exclusively in the eating experience itself, which typically gives way to unhealthy choices. Simplicity is key — look at food quality and food integrity; look for organic and look for foods with one ingredient — whole foods. Limit or eliminate processed foods.