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Joey focuses on self-awareness with his coach, Eric. Eric shared that through their work, Joey “had hit a critical point of conscious awareness when he realized that there was a voice in his head creating certain stories, thoughts, and emotions that HE wanted to take control over.” Warrior Breaths is an exercise they use to help enhance this level of consciousness. Eric noted that “A major fundamental component to neurological/psychological mastery is breath work, which is now being reinforced by neuroscientists around the world.”

Joey has found that when he is provided explanations of everything that is planned for the day, it allows him to process and understand the obstacles he might encounter. Joey is taught to view those obstacles not as roadblocks, but rather as a challenge to figuring out how he can manage them (“get around the road block”). Everyone faces obstacles in life, and Joey understands that knowing how to tackle those challenges allows him to have smoother transitions and success. In addition, Joey is working on identifying when he is being pushed too much, and then taking the action of requesting a break.

Joey has found that using methods such as Warrior Breaths is a helpful tool to center and to calm himself down during challenging situations. One type of breathing Joey uses is conscious deep breathing from the diaphragm in the morning and the evening. This helps with centering. Another type of breathing is used during a situation that feels overwhelming. During challenging situations, Joey takes several short conscious breaths and ends the exercises with one longer conscious breath.

Warrior Breath Set

Out on a walk at Anclote Park in Holiday, FL

Enjoying a Florida Sunset

Joey and Michael B take a moment to enjoy the day and view from Anclote Park, Holiday, Florida
December 2021