Living Through My Eyes

A Collection of Poetry and Paintings by a Young Man Living with Autism

Creative Outlets Help Joey Find His Voice

Joey Lowenstein created his first abstract painting in early 2020.  As a young man living with autism, Joey uses painting as a mindfulness exercise that promotes creativity and rest for his active mind.  For the painting titles and poetry, Joey spells out each word on a keyboard which one of his aides holds — he is not verbalizing these writings except an occasional word after he spells it.  These two creative outlets help Joey find his voice.  Joey has more to write and more to paint.  This is just the beginning.

We All Have the Potential to be Artists

“In these books, I have compiled what I believe to be some of my finest pieces as a poet and painter.  As I have been inspired by so many people around me, I hope to inspire others with my words and art.  We all have the potential to be artists.  By getting in touch with your inner artist, you can discover the skills that can be developed through hours of practice.  As a result, you will produce pieces and portraits you hadn’t imagined.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for checking out my work!”
— Joey Lowenstein

Please note: 
Joey types using one finger on a computer keyboard to type out all of  his poetry, painting titles, and the painting description stories.
This is laborious, but fruitful, as you will read.

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