Love of a Mother by Joey Lowenstein
“This painting, ‘Love of a Mother’ (painted on July 8, 2022), depicts the love of my mom. I used earth tones to convey her natural elements inside that comfort and shield me daily. Just like water, land, fire and air, my mom’s love is the breath that flows through me and has done so throughout my life. She’s unconditional with her love and ensures I have all my needs met at all times. We share trust, friendship, love, and joy together. I hope she likes my work and cherishes it the way I cherish her each day!”


The Joey Lowenstein Family Foundation

The Joey Lowenstein Family Foundation — Spiritual activities are very personal. For Joey, he meets two to three times a week via Skype with Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz. He is Joey’s Rabbi and Creative Awareness Guide living in Jerusalem, Israel. With Rabbi Schwartz, they work on drawing out Joey’s inner voice by using a keyboard to communicate. During their meetings, Joey shares his poetry, his insights, and any questions he may have. These interactions and activities also help Joey feel centered.

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