The Perception of Creativity by Joey Lowenstein

Here Joey describes the painting The Perception of Creativity (painted February 25, 2022):
“Creativity and imagination makes the most organic and precious things. The beauty in creativity is that you can make anything come to life in its truest form. People’s perspectives are all different in many ways and we all have different views and lenses on how life is perceived for us. I truly believe a creation not pursued is a wasted gift not given to the world.”


The Joey Lowenstein Family Foundation

The Joey Lowenstein Family Foundation — Spiritual activities are very personal. For Joey, he meets two to three times a week via Skype with Rabbi Yitzchak Schwartz. He is Joey’s Rabbi and Creative Awareness Guide living in Jerusalem, Israel. With Rabbi Schwartz, they work on drawing out Joey’s inner voice by using a keyboard to communicate. During their meetings, Joey shares his poetry, his insights, and any questions he may have. These interactions and activities also help Joey feel centered.

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